I love using reclaimed and local resources in my builds and remodels. A look at my portfolio shows my commitment to creating a unique space for my clients, and reclaimed wood is good stuff.

reclaimed wood home building kelowna USING RECLAIMED WOOD IN YOUR NEW OR REMODELED HOUSE

Most timber farms cultivate fast-growing trees that don’t support the ecosystem they’re grown in. By using reclaimed wood, you can lessen or even eliminate your reliance on farmed wood. You’re also keeping useful resources out of a landfill by making an environmentally conscious choice, and you’re giving your home a new story all at the same time.

Due to the fact that reclaimed wood was likely harvested from old growth trees, while new wood comes from tree farms that grow and harvest on a quick turn-around, reclaimed wood tends to be stronger, and look better than newly farmed wood. This is because the tree it came from was allowed to develop for several decades, maybe even centuries longer than modern, farmed wood.

While the most obvious reclaimed wood projects are done in a rustic style, that’s not a hard and fast rule. With different milling techniques, different types of wood and different finishes, reclaimed wood can fit any style. It can be milled for conformity of size, or to emphasize its variations. It can be stained, pained, or left as natural as possible. It all depends on your taste.

Some people might worry about the reliability of older wood, but reputable dealers will guarantee their product. After finding a source, usually an old structure that’s being demolished, they cut the wood they use from a larger block, plane it, and then kiln dry it to prevent warping. Kiln drying can take up to a year sometimes.

It’s important to note that reclaimed, kiln dried wood is very different from salvaged wood. The terms “reclaimed” and “salvaged” are sometimes used interchangeably, but they shouldn’t be. Reclaimed wood has been planned and treated, while salvaged wood has usually undergone no change. Depending on your project, one might be superior to the other, but for inside home features, reclaimed is the way to go. Salvaged may still have metal in it, along with lead or other substances that are no longer considered safe for indoor use. Of course, it’s not difficult to buy salvaged wood and have it planed and treated ourselves. There are several companies in Canada that can turn salvaged wood into reclaimed wood for us.

Reclaimed wood is just one of the ways I work you to make your home a showpiece. I take inspiration from the site, from your life, and I make your home as unique as you are, with the best materials and inspired design.

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